CRB was co-founded in 2017 by Winnie Chow and Jain Ruskin Brown with the vision of creating an innovative family law firm dedicated to providing families with practical solutions to complex issues that lead to positive outcomes. CRB ensures that clients, in often unique and challenging circumstances, feel safe, secure and in charge of shaping their own futures.

Having developed multidisciplinary connections, both locally and internationally, CRB is able to offer a holistic approach to client needs by offering Collaborative Practice, parenting co-ordination and mediation assistance, alongside more traditional family law expertise.

CRB seeks to bridge differences and identify common interests in selecting appropriate dispute resolution channels for family law matters.

CRB aims to offer an unrivalled spectrum of family law services. The team working with Winnie and Jain focuses on delivering the highest level of professional advice for families, whatever their needs may be.


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